St. Joseph State Representative


For far too long the old guard in our town has been holding us back. But it’s our time now. The people of our district are ready, and I’ve been listening.


Our Message

I grew up in St. Joseph where my family taught me the importance of a commitment to public service. I am proud to have strong democratic values and respect for rights and freedoms. My campaign is based on these principals.

They made me who I am

I never knew my grandfathers, but I feel their influences ever day. My father’s father was a bricklayer and a lifetime union member. I join with Labor today in the fight against efforts to weaken our workforce and erode the economic security of the middle class. My mother’s father was a career Marine, missing in action in Vietnam. I understand that there are critical issues facing our veterans and military families. I will make funding the VA a priority and fight to expand mental health services for veterans.

The Promise

As our representative, I will use my law degree to draft laws that will help St. Joseph thrive. We need policies that protect and raise up our vulnerable populations; strengthen our local economy; and support our education system.

I want to be a fresh and dynamic voice for progressive policies We are facing a crucial point for the future of our state and country. I will stand up against the corporate special interests that threaten to control our political systems and fight for a better future ofr Missouri workers and their families.



Fair Wages

Raise incomes and restore economic security for the middle class


Provide quality and affordable education


Stand up against government-sponsored discrimination and protect women's rights

Voting Rights

Protect voting rights, reform campaign financing and restore our democracy to the people

Economic Fairness

Fight for economic fairness and against inequality

Vote NO on Prop A

I support Missouri Workers and their Families, not Corporate Special Interest Groups and Out-of-State Billionaires

There’s a big difference between being able to relate to these struggles and knowing how to fix them.

I believe there are a lot of issues here that need to be represented better to our great state. Our people and communities are struggling. You deserve someone who will champion your cause.

I believe that the best is still ahead for St. Joseph. And with your vote, I will help get us there.